I had a doubt regarding the update server, I setup...
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I had a doubt regarding the update server, I setup my own update server and published updates and it was on localhost but I was wondering that publishing an osqueryd(built for mac) update from mac will work on Windows or other OS, since all the hosts on the server are using the same update server.
Hi Madhur, the OS of the deployment where you host the autoupdate registry won't affect which operating systems osquery and Fleet support via the osqueryd agent. However, we want to inform you that you will need a subscription to Fleet Premium in order to use self-hosted autoupdates, which is a paid feature and only available with a Fleet Premium up to your licensed number of hosts. Otherwise, if your organization would prefer to stick to Fleet Free, you can use Fleet's provided autoupdates, or manage updates yourself using a configuration management tool. If you are interested, you can view the pricing page for more information. fleetdm.com/pricing
Hello Sir, i have setup my own autoupdate server which is working and also used it to build orbit on macOS which fetches updates from there and also I have a fleetDM server running which has registered the orbit build from the package which has my update server url, my doubt is how to build this all on Mac since I can't get the build on the Windows when i am running the orbit build package command so i can't get an installer package on windows and i can't install the orbit on Windows so I can get my orbit to be registered into the fleetDm server.
I understand your concern. However, the feature in question is a paid feature. Attempting to use it is in violation of our licensing terms. If you are still interested in setting up your own auto-update server, please see our pricing page.
Hi @Madhur Jodhwani, that document states
For users who would like to self-manage an update server, this capability is available with a Fleet Premium subscription.
We ask that you respect the licensing and we will not offer support for features that are being used in violation of the license.