Hi,when I use redis cluster,I encounter MOVED redi...
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Hi,when I use redis cluster,I encounter MOVED redis error,why does the fleet source code not use the redisc RetryConn?
the error message
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run query: set targets: MOVED 12849
and then I try to modify source code to use redis.RetryConn,another error message occurs
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run query: set sql: redisc: unsupported call to Send
I look up the redisc document to use RetryConn https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/mna/redisc#RetryConn
hi Kun, that's a great question, we probably should use that
could you show me the diff of what you changed?
https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/blob/8b908f65069751d9a881826ece6160fade20a7e1/server/live_query/redis_live_query.go#L72 I encounter the MOVED error,so I replaced the conn with redisc.RetryConn like the example on redisc document
But It only support Do,Close,Err not Send
we might be able to use Do there too
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