Hi, thanks for fixing the segfault in 4.2.2. Unfo...
# fleet
Hi, thanks for fixing the segfault in 4.2.2. Unfortunately vulnerability scanner still doesn't work outside of docker.
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error translating to CPE, skipping...","ts":"2021-08-20T11:12:32.709543409Z"}
ror translating to CPE, skipping...","ts":"2021-08-20T11:12:32.70976741Z"}
"error translating to CPE, skipping...","ts":"2021-08-20T11:12:32.710017811Z"}
"error translating to CPE, skipping...","ts":"2021-08-20T11:12:32.710238713Z"}
3ecpe":"error translating to CPE, skipping...","ts":"2021-08-20T11:12:32.710462814Z"}
e":"error translating to CPE, skipping...","ts":"2021-08-20T11:12:32.710688215Z"}
ecpe":"error translating to CPE, skipping...","ts":"2021-08-20T11:12:32.710905216Z"}
3ecpe":"error translating to CPE, skipping...","ts":"2021-08-20T11:12:32.711120117Z"}
e-\u003ecpe":"error translating to CPE, skipping...","ts":"2021-08-20T11:12:32.711345619Z"}
eft on device","level":"error","msg":"analyzing vulnerable software: CPE-\u003eCVE","ts":"2021-08-20T11:12:36.756018754Z"}
hi, this is normal, some names are not possible to translate to CPE with the data we have, but failing to translate one app to CPE doesn't stop the process
@Tomas Touceda yes that's true it's not crashing the service i just noticed the error when I saw the db folder was empty I went error hunting but it's not empty now
makes sense