Hi, I made a fresh installation of fleet 4.2.1. I ...
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Hi, I made a fresh installation of fleet 4.2.1. I am unable to move pass the registration phase, as shown in image (Clicking finish does not do anything).I then downgraded it to 4.1.0 and it works. Not sure if anyone faced the same problem.
Hi @Jason NG just checking in. We will track this as a potential issue knowing that downgrading worked for you. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
@Jason NG I was unable to reproduce this error in a local installation of Fleet. I’ve adding this to the following issue on GitHub that tracks what you were seeing: https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/issues/1704 Note: I’m using Fleet 4.2.2 (released yesterday 8/18) If you encounter this issue during your next upgrade, can you please include a screenshot of the contents of your browser’s JavaScript console? This way, the Fleet team can identify if the issue you’re encountering on a frontend.
@Noah Talerman I did a fresh installation of fleet 4.2.2, dont seem to face that issue anymore. Not sure what went wrong. Thanks!
@Noah Talerman Not sure if this only happens on my end. But i upgraded my existing cluster which runs on 4.0.1 to 4.2.2. Now i cannot run and queries or schedule any packs.
hi Jason, sorry to hear you're having trouble with 4.2.2. What database and version are you running?
@Tomas Touceda Hi Tomas, mysql 8.0.23. No worries! Thanks for your help!
ah, interesting. Could you file a bug report with logs from fleet serve and if you can, the request that's failing in the frontend and any other reproduction step?