Hello, recently started using fleet again (its bee...
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Hello, recently started using fleet again (its been awhile since I last used it) and noticed that there doesnt seem to be the tab anymore to control the config of the agents. Believe the tab should be labeled global agent options but not seeing it, just wanted to confirm if this has been moved to a paid thing or something possible wrong with my install. Thanks!
I believe this is all done now with the fleetctl cli tool.
It's an easy tool to use, and I would recommend checking it out.
it is on https://your_URL/settings/osquery and can be accessed via the settings menu clicking on the avatar on the right side
^ Close, but it's actually under
, which can be accessed by clicking "Settings" in the top nav bar.
It's also accessible via
i guess i got outdated, you guys release too fast 😄
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