Hey friends! Has anyone here deployed FleetDM usin...
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Hey friends! Has anyone here deployed FleetDM using Kubectl? I am super new to all things Kubernetes and trying to deploy Fleet using Kubectl and not sure how to do it
also how do I deploy osquery on a Kubernetes cluster?
Hi @pvirani! You can find that information on this doc. Let me know if that helps.
Thanks Martavis! It kinda helps but not exactly lol ...
helm init
isn't a command apparently
The doc says 
The MySQL that we will use for this tutorial is not replicated and it is not Highly Available. If you're deploying Fleet on a Kubernetes managed by a cloud provider (GCP, Azure, AWS, etc), I suggest using their MySQL product if possible as running HA MySQL in Kubernetes can be difficult.
Does that mean I should use RDS Mysql or try and set up a mysql database on my kubernets cluster? 🤔
, you will need to install it to follow our docs. Assuming you are on Amazon EKS, here is the doc for that. As for MySQL, RDS is fine. Your Kubernetes cluster is able to connect to it.
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nevermind I ended up creating a MySQL database in RDS and updated the
to reflect that
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$ aws-okta exec dev-write -- kubectl create -f ./docs/1-Using-Fleet/configuration-files/kubernetes/fleet-migrations.yml

job.batch/fleet-prepare-db created
So far so good. Moving on to the next steps now
updated it in
as well
Stuck here
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$ kubectl apply -f ./docs/1-Using-Fleet/configuration-files/kubernetes/fleet-deployment.yml 
error: unable to recognize "./docs/1-Using-Fleet/configuration-files/kubernetes/fleet-deployment.yml": no matches for kind "Deployment" in version "apps/v1beta2"
exit status 1
apiVersion: apps/v1beta2
in the deployment.yml file and that worked
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kubectl logs fleet-prepare-db-pb8pw    
Error from server (BadRequest): container "fleet" in pod "fleet-prepare-db-pb8pw" is waiting to start: image can't be pulled
exit status 1
wonder why the image can't be pulled here 🤔
@pvirani this seems like it might not be Fleet-specific, and we limit our bandwidth on Slack to focus on writing code and delivering new features so can only help out a limited amount when the issues become less Fleet-specific 🙂 that said, I've seen issues with pulling containers on AWS when the security groups are not configured to allow the necessary egress, there's no route to the container registry, and similar. Hope that helps!
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yep troubleshooting now
and ofcourse I get it. I enjoy debugging things anyways so not really expecting y'all to chime in here at all ... this is more of sharing to see if anyone else in the community has seen this stuff and already knows what's up by any chance
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Folks in the community are often helpful 🙂 thanks y'all!