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08/04/2021, 10:04 AM
hi all, I’m having issues with fleetctl. Following the docs (after the correct setup of fleetctl with my existing fleet server) I am not able to apply multiple queries in a single file (I’m using version 3.11.0, and fleetctl is the windows version). My queries.yml file is this:
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apiVersion: v1
kind: query
  name: osquery_schedule
  description: Report performance stats for each file in the query schedule.
  query: select name, interval, executions, output_size, wall_time, (user_time/executions) as avg_user_time, (system_time/executions) as avg_system_time, average_memory, last_executed from osquery_schedule;
apiVersion: v1
kind: query
  name: osquery_info
  description: A heartbeat counter that reports general performance (CPU, memory) and version.
  query: select i.*, p.resident_size, p.user_time, p.system_time, time.minutes as counter from osquery_info i, processes p, time where =;
apiVersion: v1
kind: query
  name: osquery_events
  description: Report event publisher health and track event counters.
  query: select name, publisher, type, subscriptions, events, active from osquery_events;
using the command:
fleetctl.exe apply -f queries.yml
it applies only the first query (osquery_schedule) but not the others. Am I doing something wrong?

Sarah Gillespie

08/04/2021, 8:48 PM
Hi Bacarus, you can try adding the
flag to your command to dig deeper into what might be going wrong and share what you find with the channel