Hello, inspecting this nginx configurationĀ <https:...
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Hello, inspecting this nginx configurationĀ https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CptOfEvilMinions/FleetDM-Automation/main/conf/ansible/nginx/nginx_fleetdm.conf, I can see a lot of kolide API paths, are they going to remain these paths or will/have they changed?
I think I answer my own question, I gete 404 not found for /api/v1/kolide/results/ and I get welcome to SockJS! for /api/v1/fleet/results/ so I guess has been renamed!
But still nginx totally breaks everything for me. Does Fleetdm have a refrence nginx config they can share?
Kolide api endpoints were deprecated somewhere around 3.4, and removed in 4.0. This is a good reference for nginx: https://defensivedepth.com/2020/04/02/kolide-fleet-breaking-out-the-osquery-api-web-ui/
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Thanks @zwass, I notice the nginx config in that article is using
for host enrolment which I suspect has been deprecated with the other kolide paths. Is there a doco or something that lists out all the API routes or something like that? Anything that we can use to build an nginx config?