Is this expected behavior?
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Is this expected behavior?
Hey! I'm in the same situation, but I think the behavior is correct. The new Schedules feature aims to allow you to schedule isolated queries on hosts, I think this is different from queries contained in packs
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Heyo! Yep, it's confusing at first because we rolled out a new (Global) Schedule page as the default instead of Packs! The (Global) Schedule works very similar to Packs, except these scheduled queries will run on all hosts. When you schedule a query here, you will see a Pack show up in your Packs page called "Global". The reason for this is that we noticed a lot of users want a more simplified UI for queries that run on all hosts ☀️ Let me know if you have anymore questions!
cc @Noah Talerman we might want to look at if there's a way to communicate this with more clarity in the UI.
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Thanks for the explanation! I do think it would help to tweak the language, it is a bit confusing.
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