Does the Teams feature work in the opensource/free...
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Does the Teams feature work in the opensource/free version of fleet? if not i heard about
directory that could hold these features, is there some guide how compile fleet with that directory ?
Hi Ahmed 👋🏽 On our free version, there is still RBAC (admin, maintainer, observer), however, team features are only available on paid subscriptions.
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Thanks Rachel, i heard before from mike that those features will be in ‘ee’ directory where you can compile that yourself. Is that true? If yes would it be possible to share how?
Hey Ahmed, features from the paid tier are indeed implemented in the
folder, but are only available on paid tier. To Rachel's point, we decided to ship basic global RBAC (without teams) as a free feature so that more folks could take advantage of it for free, and to ensure we meet our commitment to the community that the majority of features we ship in Fleet will be completely free and open source.
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