Hi Fleet team. We are seeing an http 500 error pa...
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Hi Fleet team. We are seeing an http 500 error page in one of our 3.12 environments. The error is:
list hosts: Error 1054: Unknown column 'additional' in 'field list'
This started happening after we added the env variable to enable software inventory. However, reverting that change and restarting fleetd didn't resolve the issue. We had issues in several environments when upgrading from 3.9 to > 3.11 and I'm wondering if this env was somehow already broken and the service restart we just did finally tripped it. Would this error possibly be caused by an improper version upgrade - maybe the prepare db not being run?
I suspect so, usually when Unknown column is an error, the db expects a column to be in the database and so you'll need to run a db migration
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Great, thanks
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@Dan Achin hello, do you have any information on how I can add the environment variable to show the software inventory? I can't seem to find any doco to do it.
Awesome thank you! @Dan Achin
we added the environment variable to our systemd service file, though as noted - we haven't confirmed if that worked or not since now we can't get the UI to load. 🙂
also, https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/issues/1092 tracks updating the feature flags via config yamls and CLI flags as well as env variables