I’m getting fleetdm setup on our k8s cluster. Once...
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I’m getting fleetdm setup on our k8s cluster. Once booted up I’m able to get through the initial account setup but when I sign out and try to login again.. I’m getting the following error:
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  "component": "http",
  "err": "check rate limit: ERR unknown command `SELECT`, with args beginning with: `0`, ",
  "level": "info",
  "path": "/api/v1/fleet/login",
  "ts": "2021-05-25T17:55:09.095593864Z"
This looks to be related to the rate limit library and likely Redis? I’m using a Redis sentinel setup.. does Fleet work with that before I get too deep into the weeds?
Redis Sentinel is not supported. Just plain Redis.
Thanks for the quick response - I really appreciate it
We are looking into Redis Cluster support for one of our customers, but FWIW a single small redis instance can handle hundreds of thousands of hosts.
gotcha. I was hoping to be able to run it directly on the cluster so I don’t have much faith in just a single instance in this case.
I’ll just look into elasticache instead
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