Hi there, Was looking here for topics on migrate f...
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Hi there, Was looking here for topics on migrate from Kolide to Fleetdm in AWS, and looks like its just a docker push from the other threads, that is a relief! Any suggestions on best Fleetdm version to be picked?
I’d recommend Fleet 3.11 (surprise, surprise) 🙃 This version introduces… • MySQL performance improvements • Software inventory And, since I believe you’ll be upgrading from a version prior to 3.3, you’ll also receive… • File carving functionality • Host search in the UI • New tools for debugging enrollment • And a lot more And yes! The upgrade works the same as any minor version upgrade has in the past.
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One more thing I'll add: Minor version upgrades in Kolide Fleet often included database migrations and the recommendation to back up the database before migrating. The same goes for FleetDM Fleet versions.
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Thanks so much - that was really helpful!🙂