Is there any way to utilize a self-signed cert whe...
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Is there any way to utilize a self-signed cert when testing using the fleet preview? (I'm new to osquery and fleet...)
Hi @Heather, welcome to Fleet and osquery! Are you attempting to enroll a host to the fleet preview environment? If so, you have several options. One is to use Orbit osquery which is an osquery runtime and autoupdater. See the Packaging section of the Orbit docs for instructions on generating an package that you can install on your hosts(s). To utilize a self-signed certificate, you’ll have to specific the 
 option. If you want to use regular (base) osquery, you’ll have to specify the
flag when starting up osqueryd. This flag specifies the path to the full certificate chain used by the server. Check out the Remotely interfacing osquery docs for more info on this flag.
@Heather PS if you're looking for a simple way to access Fleet in preview mode, you can do so on http://localhost:1337 without the cert, for preview purposes. Some more troubleshooting info, if you need it (though it should just work™ as of the most recent couple of versions of Fleet):