I'm new to osquery & looking for some troubles...
# extensions
I'm new to osquery & looking for some troubleshooting advice I built & installed this extension https://github.com/aquasecurity/kube-query & it works fine when used from the repl:
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KUBECONFIG="${HOME}/.kube/config" osqueryi --extension "${HOME}/.local/bin/kube-query"
osquery> -- this works ok
osquery> select * from kubernetes_pods limit 1;
when i pass in the query from the cli none of the
tables show up & I can't query on them;
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# no kubernetes tables in this list
KUBECONFIG="${HOME}/.kube/config" osqueryi --extension "${HOME}/.local/bin/kube-query" '.tables'

# gives Error: no such table: kubernetes_pods
KUBECONFIG="${HOME}/.kube/config" osqueryi --extension "${HOME}/.local/bin/kube-query" 'select * from kubernetes_pods limit 1'
any advice appreciated!
Hello @Rupert, I think the doc is a bit lacking here (see https://github.com/osquery/osquery/issues/7816), but when starting the extension with
you’re also better of using the
flag with the name the extension reports itself with, so that osquery waits until it’s fully registered.
--extensions_require kube-query
fixed it