Hello Fleety friends! We've just released Fleet 3....
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Hello Fleety friends! We've just released Fleet 3.11.0 on GitHub and Docker Hub. This release includes a new software inventory feature, quick access to saved queries on the host details page, and a significant improvement to steady-state mysql performance. Check out the full release notes at https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/releases/tag/3.11.0. Please note software inventory is flagged off by default as we are not yet confident in its performance characteristics on larger Fleet deployments. See https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/blob/master/docs/2-Deployment/2-Configuration.md#software-inventory for information on enabling it. We would hugely appreciate anyone who can provide before/after MySQL performance stats when flipping this flag on a larger (5k+ hosts) deployment. <!here>
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Hi, do you mean performance of Fleet and the Fleet database, or do you expect a performance impact on the hosts themselves?
I’m happy to try this feature out on my fleet, we’ve only 1,400 hosts though.
Are there any particular MySQL stats you want @zwass?
It's the Fleet database we are concerned about. If you can get graphs or averages of MySQL CPU utilization before and after enabling the feature that would be very helpful!
ok, let me see 🙂
I went straight to 3.11.0 from 3.9.0 with the feature flag enabled though
@zwass if this is helpful, you can see a fairly massive drop in I/O and active queries, which is nice!
this is running on a GCP Cloud SQL instance FYI
MySQL 5.7 though.
Well that's great! The host status optimization in 3.11 is doing its job!
Thanks for the stats 🙂
yeah looking good
I’m also getting good feedback from my team about the UI improvements 🙂
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Hello, would you like to know how to enable FLEET_BETA_SOFTWARE_INVENTORY=1? Fleet serve --FLEET_BETA_SOFTWARE_INVENTORY=1?