is there a way to tell it to dump old records?
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is there a way to tell it to dump old records?
Is this running a standard version of Fleet? Which version? I am looking at the code and can't understand how it would try to send more than 500 records in a request. Kinesis logging was a community contribution so I'm not super familiar with it but we would like to fix the bug if we can figure out what's going on.
To clear out the old records you'd pass
to osquery, which would cause it to drop all but the newest log after the next logging attempt.
we're running the latest release of Fleet
we're running on 2500 hosts, we don't have an easy way to change osquery flags on the fly
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[root@osquery-service-vab183 ouser]# /usr/bin/fleet version
fleet version 3.10.0
Another idea could be switching Fleet's logging plugin to
and waiting until osquery is done dumping the logs. Then switch back to Kinesis.
Any idea how it got into this state?
Advantage to the above is you could potentially save the logs and feed them back into Kinesis if you need them to get back into your logging pipeline.
cool, switching the logger to filesystem was going to be my next attempt 🙂
that seems to have worked to get rid of the backlog
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