Quick question for ya'll I recently changed my `u...
# fleet
Quick question for ya'll I recently changed my
value and now agents are not enrolling. Here is what I modified: 1. kolide.yml adding
. Set it to
. Not Trailing / 2. Changed
from the agents to prepend
on everything (/fleet/api...) 3. Changed all
references with
in the front.
fleetctl config --url_prefix /fleet
...... What I'm I missing? Agents are not registering. =/ I am use
on MacOS
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Note that some other configurations may need to be changed when modifying the URL prefix. In particular, URLs that are provided to osquery via flagfile, the configuration served by Fleet, the URL prefix used by fleetctl, and the redirect URL set with an SSO Identity Provider.
I slapped
in front of everything. Agents won't register. Server does come up as
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Failed enrollment request to <https://application.com/hunt/api/v1/osquery/enroll> (Request error: certificate verify failed) retrying..
Any help with that? =/
ALL CLEAR/GOOD Link above answered my question! Thanks for the FAQ Folks!
If anyone has the same issue, feel free to reach out to me 🙂
Sweet 🙂