Hey fleet people, wanted to make sure my understan...
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Hey fleet people, wanted to make sure my understanding is correct. I know that internally, you use discovery queries for OS detection, however, this option is not present for users with their own packs, is that correct? I tried
fleetctl convert
on a pack which had it, and the discovery part was just not added to the converted file.
Also, could not find documentation regarding it, nor an issue or roadmap pointing to it, that’s why I’m asking it here!
If you're just looking to target by platform, you can set the platform on a per-query basis using packs or the schedule feature in Fleet. If you want to target by groups of hosts, the schedule feature along with teams (in Fleet Premium) is usually the easiest way to do this. The most direct equivalent to discovery queries would be to define a label with the query and then target the pack to the hosts in the label. Hope that helps!
Thanks Zach! Yes that helps 😁