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11/21/2022, 4:21 PM
xposting to #general chat from #core hey team, I was wondering if I can get some help tweaking or investigating this further: on certain hosts with osquery, I frequently see
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Linesize exceeds TLS logger maximum:
warnings at 5MB, 10MB, and 13MB values I believe this indicates that a query result from osquery is larger than the
value and is being dropped/not sent to the TLS endpoint. At the moment, that value is set to the default 1MB currently, I configured osqueryd to run with the following
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I was curious if anyone would know if there are settings I can tweak to avoid dropping these results, or if there was a way I can investigate which query pack was causing such a large result?
I can certainly explore setting
to something like 15MB, but that does seem large and doesn't help me identify exactly which is the "problem" query or query pack

Stefano Bonicatti

11/21/2022, 6:23 PM
Unfortunately there isn’t something that says which query that line was part of, it’s not even there as an information at that point. I think the quickest way is to see the line, by enabling the local filesystem logging via
and checking the size of the results like that. Otherwise a much longer approach would be to determine which query/tables likely have either many columns or variable sized columns that can grow that much, since this doesn’t happen on all hosts.


11/21/2022, 6:52 PM
Thanks Stefano, I'll investigate further by flipping the plugin to filesystem as well
just an update -- I was able to examine the logs in the filesystem and quickly identify which query pack was problematic. general warning about getting a list of processes that have unusual ports on high traffic servers 😅