Hello <!here>, we've just dropped Fleet 3.9.0 on G...
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Hello <!here>, we've just dropped Fleet 3.9.0 on GitHub and Docker. This release was mostly focused on stability -- We addressed some longstanding bugs that were uncovered when we added the host details page and also improved the options for managing duplicate host enrollments. If you've been having trouble with duplicate host identifiers and/or enrollment cooldown, please have a look at the changelog and give 3.9.0 a go! https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/releases/tag/3.9.0
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In particular @nyanshak @defensivedepth and @Francisco Huerta this could help out with some of your issues.
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This is fantastic news, thanks @zwass and the rest of the team, keep the great work! 👍
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Also @Mike Myers you had a client who would benefit from the ability to manage the host identifier from Fleet.
Yep I gave them the heads up and they're excited to try it
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@zwass this fixed my issue, I think we are going be cutting Security Onion over to FleetDM this next release!