Hello, i have no access to one on my hosts deploye...
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Hello, i have no access to one on my hosts deployed with kolide launcher. I need to debug it because it's not enrolling to fleet. I have enabled verbose and tls flags. Do i need to debug it from fleet or from the hosts logs?
I would look at the logs on the host. Specifically you want to see if it is making the enrollment request and whether it's sending the correct enroll secret.
Ok, i'll try.. it's rare because other hosts enrolled just fine
Okay, this is the logs of the service:
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caller=log.go:124 ts=2021-02-17T19:34:12.5758423Z caller=level.go:63 level=info caller=launcher.go:122 msg=interrupted err="enrolling host: query enrollment details, (even with retries): done trying: expected at least one row from the enrollment details query"

caller=log.go:124 ts=2021-02-17T19:34:12.5763461Z caller=level.go:63 level=info caller=query_target_updater.go:26 msg="query target updater interrupted"