# fleet


02/03/2021, 6:01 PM
Hello folks! @Noah Talerman just dropped our 3.7.0 release which is now available by all the usual channels -- binaries on GitHub, Docker containers, and
on npm. There's a fix for a low severity security vulnerability ( along with a sweet new host details page, live query error messages visible in the UI, and more. Check out the changelog ( for full details. <!here>
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Heads up if anyone has connectivity issues after this upgrade please try setting
. This was unintentionally more of a breaking change than expected and we're going to cut a 3.7.1 that changes the default.
Apologies for the churn. We've pushed 3.7.1 which changes the default value and will be compatible in more environments. If 3.7.0 is working for you, or you are explicitly setting the
flag, there's no need to upgrade to 3.7.1.
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