hello fleet. Does anyone know how to delete users...
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hello fleet. Does anyone know how to delete users from Fleet? We recently stood up a new text env and when we went to invite someone, they get a message that their token was not found in the data store, so they can't accept the invite. We need to get this person setup but can't do it now because of the pending invite. We also need to understand what that token expired or didn't get set. Is this all stored in mysql? has anyone run into this before? We are using SSO via keycloak, not sure if that matters.
Hi Dan. I’m somewhat confident that Fleet currently only supports disabling users, not deleting them. I’m working on getting a more concrete answer to this question in addition to the others you’ve asked. When you went to invite the new user, did you perform this action via Fleet’s UI, the API, or fleetctl? If you’re comfortable doing so, do you mind pasting the message, about their token no found, in this thread?
Invite with token "foo" was not found in the datastore
. Not sure if that token is sensitive at all so I redacted it. Let me know if you need to see it for some reason
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@Noah Talerman - our user is in. looks like what happened was that someone restarted fleetd at the same time as this user was trying to register so he tried again when he got an error. however, the registration went though, hence the token expired message when he tries again. His account does actually work though. would be good to eventually be able to delete users though.
Great! Glad the user is in.
would be good to eventually be able to delete users though
Deleting users is something we’re looking to add. In this invitation scenario, why would it be helpful to be able to delete users?
well, it's mostly a hygiene thing I'd think. sure we could disable, but if we added someone that never should have been in there we might want to delete. I believe we also eventually delete user accounts from corporate directory structures after a given time frame after first disabling them. I'm guessing that's a compliance control
Got it. Thanks for explaining the reasoning Dan. I’m going to track this thread in the informal product discussion issue on GitHub.
great, thanks
Sorry I didn't catch this while it was ongoing. In that state you may have been able to "resend invite" to resolve the issue.