Question: Is there a plan to have (or reason to no...
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Question: Is there a plan to have (or reason to not have) a global search option in Fleet UI to quickly find the hosts that are enrolled? I would want an easy way to verify if a host is added on Fleet?
For my own purposes, I query a host via the tag on Fleet UI. You can also screen your host via FleetCTL.
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Yes, weโ€™re definitely looking into adding a global search in the Fleet UI.
When your question came to mind, why did you want to quickly verify if a host was added to Fleet? Was the goal only to check or to start running queries, packs, or some other action on the newly enrolled host?
(This also relates to the discussion about reporting on # enrolled out of # expected re: risk reporting.)
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@Noah Talerman just to check if certain machine is part of fleet already or needed to be added.
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