Rizhkov Andrew

06/21/2022, 11:30 PM
Okay, I've been able to move on. I copied the
files from version 0.2.7 to 0.2.9. In the root folder (and not in
, as I originally did), I executed
cp .env.example .env
and changed the configuration for myself. Run
./deploy/docker/ -u -b -f
. Compilation started and ended with an error:
Step 7/52 : RUN go build -o bin/osctrl-tls tls/*.go
  ---> Running in 0ff4198914a6
malformed import path "tls/.go": invalid char ''
ERROR: Service 'osctrl-api' failed to build: The command '/bin/sh -c go build -o bin/osctrl-tls tls/*.go' returned a non-zero code: 1