hi all, <https://blog.kolide.com/checking-macos-sc...
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hi all, https://blog.kolide.com/checking-macos-screenlock-remotely-62ab056274f0 is an excellent blog post on retrieving whether screenlock is enabled and the grace period, but is there a way to actually retrieve the screen saver timeout? AFAICT, the screenlock is only enabled if either the display turns off (timeout is easy to find from plist tables) or if the screensaver turns on, and we want the (screensaver time + grace period) to see the total time for when a password is required after a workstation goes idle.
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/Users/$currentUser/Library/Preferences/ByHost/com.apple.screensaver idleTime
That blog article has suggested SQL to return whether it’s enabled, and the grace_period.
I can’t remember if that plist is still valid, Offhand, I would not recomment it
Oh, I see. You’re asking about the difference between timeout and grace period.
Yeah, I think the plist you cite is still correct.
thanks. all of these different plist locations has been driving me crazy
for system wide display time settings, the
ones for screensaver idle time, and fortunately the
table gets us values for screenlock enabled and the grace period!