Brandon Helms

07/01/2022, 4:09 PM
Just moved companies and a big fan of Fleet. I like the new interface much better!!! Quick Question... How do I get the Software Inventory to populate?
- I used the installer that was provided...
fleetctl package --type=pkg --fleet-url=<https://mydomain> --enroll-secret=<secret>
- I can see the hosts in Fleet and the query feature is working. THey are both M1 MBPs
- I can see that they are being fetched every hour (this tells me networking is working)
- They have been running constantly for 3 days (with osquery installed and fleet setup)
What I am missing to get software to populate?
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Kathy Satterlee

07/01/2022, 5:13 PM
Hi, @Brandon Helms! Is there a path specified for
in your configuration?


07/02/2022, 1:36 PM
Is software reported under individual client devices? I've seen that before. Software won't report collectively but will under each device. Less useful but I've seen that