Hey - I just rebooted my (M1) Mac, and now the fle...
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Hey - I just rebooted my (M1) Mac, and now the fleet desktop app is crashing and respawning. Any logs I can check to see whats happening ?
Hi @Jason, thanks for reaching out! The logs for Fleet Desktop are available at
. Please let me know what you find! If those logs point to an issue elsewhere with Fleet or osquery, there's some great info in the Fleet Docs on debugging.
thanks for the fast reply.
hm, it seems its just a lot of this:
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2022-07-07T15:00:15-04:00 INF fleet-desktop version=0.0.3
2022-07-07T15:00:15-04:00 INF ready
2022-07-07T15:00:25-04:00 INF fleet-desktop version=0.0.3
2022-07-07T15:00:25-04:00 INF ready
2022-07-07T15:00:36-04:00 INF fleet-desktop version=0.0.3
2022-07-07T15:00:36-04:00 INF ready
2022-07-07T15:00:47-04:00 INF fleet-desktop version=0.0.3
2022-07-07T15:00:47-04:00 INF ready
Hi folks. Could you also check Orbit+osquery logs? (The whole thing is probably loop-crashing)
is this perhaps relevant?
2022-07-07T16:08:15-04:00 ERR unexpected exit error="opening socket transport: dial unix /opt/orbit/orbit-osquery.em: connect: connection refused"
Ah yes, you can fix the issue by removing that file manually
sudo rm /opt/orbit/orbit-osquery.em
Will be fixed on next Orbit release: https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/pull/6474
thanks. Thought that would fix it but it was worth asking
Thank you for letting us know, we actually hit this bug internally. 1. Could you share us the osquery version? 2. It basically started failing after a reboot?
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✦ ❯ ./bin/orbit/orbit --version
orbit 0.0.13
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❯ ./bin/osqueryd/macos-app/stable/osquery.app/Contents/MacOS/osqueryd --version
osqueryd version 5.3.0
Ah sorry, meant version of the osqueryd executable within orbit directory
2. Yes, after a reboot (and my mac was acting a little screwy which is why I rebooted.
Also, on an M1 just as an FYI
(I put both versions of orbit and osqueryd up there)