when building osquery from source, is it possible ...
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when building osquery from source, is it possible to customise the build script to add postflight scripts (eg move the plist & load it) if so, where is the build script?
The package built? That’s cmake’s
does that. I’m not sure what customizing options you have. I tend to just make my own packages.
You can update the packaging.cmake file and add
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not familiar with how we handle packaging on macOS; if we already have those two files you may have to edit them
thank you, I can't see it is set in the current cmake file - will test it out though
@alessandrogario do I need to put that in a specific bit of the packaging.cmake file for macos packages? so far It's not executing for me - at this point just trying to get it to run the included
osqueryctl start
It should be inside an if(PLATFORM_MACOS) block, like here: https://github.com/osquery/osquery/blob/master/cmake/packaging.cmake#L367
then the
make package
command should import those two files in the .pkg
thank you, had them in the wrong block