Seeing something unusual with live query export re...
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Seeing something unusual with live query export results. No matter how many results come back in a query when I export the results only a single item exists in the CSV. We're on 4.17.0 but not sure if this issue was present in previous versions. Anyone else seeing the same behavior?
Hmm, now it's working again. I'll keep playing with it and revert back with my findings
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I've been playing with this for a bit and can pretty consistently reproduce it. Curious what a good place would be to start troubleshooting this one?
Thanks @Stephan M for finding this. If it's not sensitive, could you screen shot / screen record your live query results and exported results and attach it to a filed bug issue here: We'll love to take a deeper look with you!
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Actually, @Stephan M I was able to reproduce this bug! I'll file it!
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Thanks for finding this and our apologies! We got a fix in the pipeline and I'll letcha know when it's released ty
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