Maybe a silly question, but are `augeas` lenses in...
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Maybe a silly question, but are
lenses installed with
by default, or do they need to be installed separately (and where?)
Not a silly question at all. It doesn’t look like augeas lenses are installed when using orbit by default. Let me check with the team to see if they can be included somehow. According to the osquery docs, they should go into /opt/osquery/share/osquery/lenses or /private/var/osquery/lenses
It looks like someone asked a similar question before You can install the augeas lense package on the host and set the
flag in the osquery flags
@Jason feel free to comment on this issue if this would be interesting to you!
hm, an easier solution may be to just symlink the lense directory into the default location ?
I'm trying to decide if it's better to make the symlink, or change flags (And re-install orbit everywhere)
out of curiosity, are there any plans to allow Fleet to dynamically adjust the osquery flags for orbit clients ?
Hi Jason, great question. We're actually planning on rolling out that ability this quarter!
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