Any example of a query to get the filevault servic...
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Any example of a query to get the filevault service status on MacOS?
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SELECT d.encrypted FROM mounts m JOIN disk_encryption d ON m.device_alias = WHERE m.path = '/';
Does that work?
Yah, thats what I am using, just facing a weird scenario where unencrypted Macs show as encrypted on that query this is fine
There is a follow up on this in the #macos channel
Thanks though!
Gotcha! To be honest, I was just excited to come across a question that I might be able to answer. I’m in disbelief that I was (partially) correct.
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Hahah! No worries at all, the intention is what counts. So appreciate your help!
I also thought the query I built was a disaster, thats why I throw the question here. You got it right and if in the future someone looks for a Filevault query, this will come up!
brb, telling my entire company
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