Hi, is it possible to determine the UUID of a node...
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Hi, is it possible to determine the UUID of a node from a node key? I turned on the integration with Fleet and Sentry, and we got an error raised saying
authentication error: invalid node key: <node key here>
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Hey, @Ryan! Where and when are you seeing that error?
Hi @Kathy Satterlee that’s after enabling the Sentry integration for Fleet. https://fleetdm.com/docs/deploying/configuration#dsn
Have only seen it once so far.
That one is just happening because that route is protected and it should automatically redirect to login.
Let me reach out to the team about Sentry.
It looks like the best options for narrowing down which host is causing that error would be to either directly query the
table in the Fleet database to find the host with the corresponding
or to use the REST API. Once you've found the culprit, delete the host from Fleet and it should attempt to reregister.
ok thanks, I’ll give that a try
no results for that node key weirdly
perhaps the node was being decommissioned at the time?
Sounds like that could be the case. Might have just been a weird one-off at the time of the request.
yeah, I’ll keep an eye out for any more 😄