And has anyone experienced the extension crashing ...
# eclecticiq-polylogyx-extension
And has anyone experienced the extension crashing with error
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Extension respawning too quickly: C:\ProgramData\osquery\plgx_win_extension.ext.exe
Created and monitoring child (20340): C:\ProgramData\osquery\plgx_win_extension.ext.exe
Refusing to reister duplicate extension plgx_win_extension
Duplicate extension registered
Then the extension re-initializes
curious to know more on this. Anything specific that you can recall which led to this state?
Not yet, only that it happends both with osqueryd and osqueryi after running for a certain amount of time, only that osqueryd doesn't reload the extension
Any news about this?
running osqueryd and osqueryi with config to launch the plgx extension, is not supported. as only 1 instance of the extn process can be executing at anytime and that is detected and flagged.
If one needs to have a shell for testing/experimentation then
c:\ProgramData\osquery\osqueryd\osqueryd.exe -S --flagfile=C:\ProgramData\osquery\osquery.flags
this could be handy.
as the default installation and use case for launching and monitoring would be running in daemon mode (service)