Greetings! I'm trying out the extension for the fi...
# eclecticiq-polylogyx-extension
Greetings! I'm trying out the extension for the first time. I installed osqueryd and configured it to talk to my fleet server. Then I merged in the configs from the repo, and added the extension. When I start up osqueryd it seems to hang here:
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I0430 15:12:02.791899  9080 database.cpp:563] Checking database version for migration
I0430 15:12:04.289724  9592 interface.cpp:105] Registering extension (plgx_win_extension, 31328, version=1.0.28, sdk=3.2.6)
Flags: conf (basically just the default conf + the one from the extension repo):
Actually now I realize I'm using fleet instead of the local filesystem for conf - that must be the issue?
Now I switched to local filesystem conf, at first my config wouldn't parse due to clumsy edits - but new tables were working via direct queries from fleet. Now that I've gotten the config fixed I get this error:
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E0501 11:02:56.950307  8236 init.cpp:593] Cannot activate filesystem logger plugin: Could not create file: \ProgramData\osquery\log\osqueryd.results.log
. Guessing this is due to also using Fleet TLS for logging - maybe using fleet along with this extension isn't really going to work? Does the extension depend on using the local filesystem plugins for config and logging?
it does support both local/tls config. looking at ur logs it seems you don't have
folder under
can you please check if not then create the folder manually
also make sure that you are running osquery
this is a sample config for local filesystem
Thanks for the confirmation @manu - I just realized that error was just because the file already existed, once I removed the existing results log the error went away. Restarting service also doesn't show the error again - maybe there was some kind of permission issue with the existing log file.
infact when u would be running and switch between shell and as a service u would be facing permission for db, that's very common in the beginning too.
the soln to that prob is to either point to a diff db in ur flagsfile or takeownership of the folder or remove it altogether, if u r just experimenting.