Are there guidelines for porting to a new processo...
# linux
Are there guidelines for porting to a new processor family? I'm porting to linux on power, I now have osquery-toolchain and now I'm working through the third party stuff.. Once I make it work I was planning to make it right by following the pattern for aarch64 which maybe will always be a separate branch?
The AArch64 branch is currently separate because it stalled a little bit, but we plan on merging it to master (happening now in #arm-architecture ) The procedure is to start with the distro with the oldest glibc version we want to support (currently it's Ubuntu 16 or CentOS 6) then go through the libraries that have configure scripts and run them. The files that are generated and included are then committed inside the osquery repository. Those files may enable things we don't want that we have to remove before they are committed (example: one configure script may detect the Expat XML library on disk but we don't have it). This, with the osquery-toolchain, allows developers to build on any distro and still target anything >= the reference distro and also makes the build deterministic