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11/06/2019, 9:55 PM
could anyone help me logic around what i think is a bug in the provided init.d script? it looks like
service osqueryd stop
is supposed to wait for all of the processes to die but does not; i'm pretty sure i see the issue but a set of eyes familiar would be great. i'll thread here with some details
it looks like here: we're looping kill -0 to see if the daemon PID exists, and is supposed to pkill the whole tree after 5 seconds if #105 is still running
unfortunately it looks like in some cases the daemon is dieing before the worker processes:
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$ sudo service osqueryd stop;ps aux | grep osq
Stopping osqueryd (via systemctl):                         [  OK  ]
root     21243 99.0  0.0 930504 65780 ?        SNl  21:58   0:15 /usr/bin/osqueryd
i'm kinda assuming that we should be using pgrep -g $PID on line 105 instead of kill -0 to see if any of the processes in the group are running, not just the daemon (which does fix this issue); does that seem to match the original intent?