01/27/2021, 6:13 PM
Can anyone point me to docs / tutorial on setting up launcher to auto-update osquery? I vaguely remember there being some step-by-step tutorials when I looked a year or so ago but I'm struggling to find them today. Like, something that shows which infrastructure pieces (e.g., Notary) are required / how to configure and start things.


01/28/2021, 1:18 AM
Launcher uses notary. Notary doesn’t serve files, just signatures. Files are served by an http server somewhere. So, you need those two things.
1:18 AM
Setting up and running notary is surprisingly cumbersome, It’s not something I can easily help with.
1:20 AM
There are some notes in https://github.com/kolide/updater but I can’t vouch for whether or not that’s enough to build a production environment with.