Is there any way to make osqueryd automatically re...
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Is there any way to make osqueryd automatically read a flagfile upon start? Or, actual example: How do I give the --flagfile option to osqueryd when starting it using the kolide launcher?
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option to launcher
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./launcher --help                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1181ms  Fri Oct  9 15:23:23 2020
{"caller":"main.go:30","msg":"Launcher starting up","revision":"ccce8b0e3ed27febcd218fd83f4741783fb2e32e","severity":"info","ts":"2020-10-09T13:23:26.814889Z","version":"0.11.13"}
The Osquery Launcher, by Kolide (version 0.11.13)

  Usage: launcher --option=value


  --hostname              The hostname of the gRPC server

  --transport             The transport protocol that should be used to communicate with remote (default: grpc)

  --enroll_secret         The enroll secret that is used in your environment
  --enroll_secret_path    Optionally, the path to your enrollment secret

  --root_directory        The location of the local database, pidfiles, etc.
  --osqueryd_path         Path to the osqueryd binary to use (Default: find osqueryd in $PATH)

  --autoupdate            Whether or not the osquery autoupdater is enabled (default: false)

  --control               Whether or not the control server is enabled (default: false)
  --control_hostname      The hostname of the control server

  --version               Print Launcher version and exit

  All options can be set as environment variables using the following convention:
      KOLIDE_LAUNCHER_OPTION=value launcher

  --dev_help              Print full Launcher help, including developer options

For more information, check out <>
What flag_
The last option listed there describes
So, should I point that to the flagfile or do I add the flags to that option instead of pointing it to the flaggfile?