Hey everyone, I know this is a slack channel that'...
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Hey everyone, I know this is a slack channel that's mostly a discussion of Kolide's OSS but I would be remiss not to mention that we are entering the MDM space as well. We think there is a really useful intersection between the capabilities of what Osquery provides and Apple's MDM protocol. We also plan on applying the things we learned in our work on User Focused Security (in our K2 product) to management-side as well. Blog post is here: https://blog.kolide.com/kolide-mdm-for-those-that-dont-need-to-be-managed-8f07a58319d2 Put your email in here if you want to be considered for early access or want to know when it goes live later this year. https://www.kolide.com/mdm/
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Are there plans for MDM on OSes other than Mac?
we are starting with the mac but briskly moving to other operating systems
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Great! Will there be support for mobiles as well?
Yes 🙂
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My renewal is coming up @terracatta and I'm looking at Kandji -- will Kolide be available for eval soon? I'd much rather go with Kolide.
Hi @beer sorry I missed this. Kolide's MDM will be available before the end of the year. I can't give a more specific timeframe than that. If you DM me your email though happy to follow-up and make sure our launch features cover what your needs are so we can advise you right away is Kandji is a better fit.