Erich Stoekl

05/04/2020, 11:01 PM
Hi Folks. I'm trying to get to the bottom of the websocket issue I'm having with accessing Fleet via a HAProxy load balancer. When I run a live query, I am seeing that the websocket connection gets established, but just hangs after that. I see the first two messages are properly sent over the websocket (these messages are the
messages here in the code). After that, however, I see the websocket stays open but only
is received every 25 seconds. Please see my attached image. I know that I should see the
, and
be received by this websocket when it is operating properly. I have a screenshot attached of this proper operation as well: I can get it to work when I am not using the Load Balancer. My question is -- how can I debug this scenario? Is it hanging inside this goroutine for loop? I am not very familiar with golang so I am having trouble putting in print statements (tried putting in
statements, but they never showed up in the server logs). PS - Seeing as it works without HAProxy but does not work with HAProxy, I suspected it was a timeout issue. I set tunnel timeout settings on my HAProxy, but that did not help either. It seems the websocket connection is established, but the result data does not come through.


05/04/2020, 11:06 PM
You tried adding comments to the client code (used by fleetctl), not the server. Try here:


05/13/2021, 1:53 AM
was this issue ever resolved @Erich Stoekl?