Hmm looks like I need to GRANT myself additional p...
# kolide
Hmm looks like I need to GRANT myself additional permissions... sorry for the noise
Connect to MySQL
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$ mysql -u root -p
When prompted enter in the temporary password from 
Change root password, in this case we will use 
 as default password validation requires a more complex password. For MySQL 5.7.6 and newer, use the following command:
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mysql> ALTER USER "root"@"localhost" IDENTIFIED BY "toor?Fl33t";
For MySQL 5.7.5 and older, use:
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mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR "root"@"localhost" = PASSWORD("toor?Fl33t");
Now issue the command
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mysql> flush privileges;
Though i think your problem is your not use your root user
and your normal user as you said is not granted the rights, which you probably need to do UNDER the root user
** Also im still a newbie at this stuff - so I am answering what i feel is right, even though only setting this up 2 weeks ago