```:\Program Files\osquery>launcher.exe --hostn...
# kolide
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:\Program Files\osquery>launcher.exe --hostname="<http://osquery-dev-fleet.com:8080|osquery-dev-fleet.com:8080>" --root_directory="C:\ProgramData\osquery" --enroll_secret=foobarbaz --insecure
{"caller":"main.go:26","msg":"Launcher starting up","revision":"6ff84fba146ed3d2070faa30bd4947b2e16d7072","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:25.2657548Z","version":"0.11.9"}
{"caller":"main.go:57","msg":"Nothing new","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:25.266744Z"}
{"caller":"client_grpc.go:111","cert_pinning":false,"msg":"dialing grpc server","server":"<http://osquery-dev-fleet.com:8080|osquery-dev-fleet.com:8080>","severity":"info","tls_secure":false,"transport_secure":true,"ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:25.2707474Z"}
{"build":"6ff84fba146ed3d2070faa30bd4947b2e16d7072","caller":"launcher.go:158","msg":"started kolide launcher","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:25.2848206Z","version":"0.11.9"}
{"caller":"query_target_updater.go:21","msg":"query target updater started","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:25.2848206Z"}
{"arg0":"osqueryd.exe","args":"osqueryd.exe --pidfile=C:\\ProgramData\\osquery\\osquery.pid --database_path=C:\\ProgramData\\osquery\\osquery.db --extensions_socket=\\\\.\\pipe\\kolide.em --extensions_autoload=C:\\ProgramData\\osquery\\osquery.autoload --extensions_timeout=10 --config_plugin=kolide_grpc --logger_plugin=kolide_grpc --distributed_plugin=kolide_grpc --disable_distributed=false --distributed_interval=5 --pack_delimiter=: --host_identifier=uuid --force=true --disable_watchdog --utc --config_refresh=300 --config_accelerated_refresh=30 --allow_unsafe","caller":"runtime.go:546","msg":"launching osqueryd","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:25.2867445Z"}
{"caller":"init.cpp:509","component":"osquery","level":"stderr","msg":"E0402 15:07:25.349478 12040 init.cpp:509] Cannot activate kolide_grpc config plugin: Unknown registry plugin: kolide_grpc","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:25.364451Z"}
{"caller":"init.cpp:596","component":"osquery","level":"stderr","msg":"W0402 15:07:25.364450 12040 init.cpp:596] Error reading config: Missing config plugin","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:25.364451Z"}
{"caller":"init.cpp:509","component":"osquery","level":"stderr","msg":"E0402 15:07:25.364450 12040 init.cpp:509] Cannot activate kolide_grpc logger plugin: Unknown registry plugin: kolide_grpc\r\nE0402 15:07:25.364450 12040 init.cpp:509] Cannot activate kolide_grpc distributed plugin: Unknown registry plugin: kolide_grpc\r\nI0402 15:07:25.364450 12040 events.cpp:863] Event publisher not enabled: ntfs_event_publisher: NTFS event publisher disabled via configuration","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:25.3684534Z"}
{"caller":"","component":"osquery","level":"stderr","msg":"hrift: Thu Apr  2 15:07:25 2020 TPipeServer ConnectNamedPipe GLE=errno = 995","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:25.3714472Z"}
{"caller":"runtime.go:585","err":"exit status 78","mode":"-rw-rw-rw-","msg":"Error running osquery command","path":"osqueryd.exe","severity":"info","sha256":"4dbf2babae608e4eea7d6cc97dbf2affa7ba3f83626b58c7f0937790737a99b7","sizeBytes":11177984,"ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:25.8488886Z"}
{"caller":"launcher.go:125","err":"launching osquery instance: starting instance: could not create extension manager server at \\\\.\\pipe\\kolide.em: dialing pipe '\\\\.\\pipe\\kolide.em': open \\\\.\\pipe\\kolide.em: The system cannot find the file specified.","msg":"interrupted","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:35.2926968Z"}
{"caller":"query_target_updater.go:26","msg":"query target updater interrupted","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:35.2926968Z"}
{"caller":"launcher.go:121","msg":"beginnning shutdown via signal","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:35.2926968Z"}
{"caller":"extension.go:135","err":"launching osquery instance: starting instance: could not create extension manager server at \\\\.\\pipe\\kolide.em: dialing pipe '\\\\.\\pipe\\kolide.em': open \\\\.\\pipe\\kolide.em: The system cannot find the file specified.","msg":"extension interrupted","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:35.2966917Z"}
{"caller":"extension.go:140","err":"while shutting down instance: running osqueryd command: exit status 78","msg":"error shutting down runtime","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:35.2986922Z"}
{"caller":"logutil.go:13","run service: launching osquery instance: starting instance: could not create extension manager server at \\\\.\\pipe\\kolide.em: dialing pipe '\\\\.\\pipe\\kolide.em': open \\\\.\\pipe\\kolide.em: The system cannot find the file specified.":"run launcher","severity":"info","ts":"2020-04-02T22:07:35.300691Z"}
Possibly a permissions issue?
possibly, but the really strange thign is that sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not
same machine, same terminal window
just, sometimes it works but usually it does that
A couple of notes… * --root_directory=“C:\ProgramData\osquery` seems wrong. Strongly recommend a dedicated directory for launcher’s root, not something that might be shared with osquery like that. *
is, well, insecure. Not recommended for production * I’ve seen errors like
Unknown registry plugin: kolide_grpc
if you’re running multiple launchers. You should be able to run more than one, as long as they have different root directories
But there’s been something kinda weird on windows, where that pops up. It feels like something about a conflicting path, but I haven’t dug into it
(er, by conflicting path. I mean multiple launchers fighting. And if you’re on windows, it’s possuble one of them is some kind of stale process holding a pipe open)
hrm. there’s just three proceseess right, launcher, osqeryd, and osquery-extensions?
(though you might see multiple launchers running bewcause that’s how the update system works)
that’s what’s weird, i don’t see any of those three processes hanging around. It’s not the root_directory either, same thing happens if i set it to “c:\foobar” or anything else
What does rebooting get you?
hrm, not sure. it’s a shared machine so I haven’t tried that. I’ll give it a try.
thought maybe the named pipe was still open somehow but that doesn’t seem to be the case either
Yeah, that’s the bit that seems most suspicious. But I thought that pipe was in the launcher root directory
Pipes are in sort of their own namespace in Windows
@zwass … So that means that pipe is (a) globally unique to the machine, and not rooted in the launcher db?
And probably something about how if something leaves it open, shit breaks
Okay, I think there’s an obvious bug about making the name launcher_db dependant. Thanks for pointing that out to me.
But I’m less sure about the issue here — I bet something leaves it open.
Possibly, but in theory shouldn't you be able to see the pipe is open if that's the case?
I don’t know how. Maybe @Lawrence D'Anna does
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in powershell
isn’t in there
I made https://github.com/kolide/launcher/issues/598 and https://github.com/kolide/launcher/issues/597 for the two things I just mentioned. Not sure I have any clever ideas on the pipe issue
I wonder if you can start osqueryd with the same command line launcher is using, and see what it gets you.
Digging a bit, this is probably bubbling up from the go sdk
How can I get the command line it is using
It’s in the log output you pasted 🙂
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  "arg0": "osqueryd.exe",
  "args": "osqueryd.exe --pidfile=C:\\ProgramData\\osquery\\osquery.pid --database_path=C:\\ProgramData\\osquery\\osquery.db --extensions_socket=\\\\.\\pipe\\kolide.em --extensions_autoload=C:\\ProgramData\\osquery\\osquery.autoload --extensions_timeout=10 --config_plugin=kolide_grpc --logger_plugin=kolide_grpc --distributed_plugin=kolide_grpc --disable_distributed=false --distributed_interval=5 --pack_delimiter=: --host_identifier=uuid --force=true --disable_watchdog --utc --config_refresh=300 --config_accelerated_refresh=30 --allow_unsafe",
  "caller": "runtime.go:546",
  "msg": "launching osqueryd",
  "severity": "info",
  "ts": "2020-04-02T22:07:25.2867445Z"
I don’t remember, maybe @zwass does. Does launcher create the pipe, or does osquery?
Ya it says named pipe path is invalid if i just launch osqueryd
oh wait that's wrong I just had the backslashes messed up
it just gives the same error as launcher does
what make do you use to build it on windows?
I wonder if theres a permissions issue. Like if administrator runs launcher, creates the pipe, then a uer tries to do it later?
windows is cross compiled from a mac, so I use a standard gnu make.
hah oh wow
i don't know much about go
um, i don't suppose there are instructions on how to build it somewhere?
On windows, or cross compiled from mac or linux?
any of the above
It’s pretty simple though. On a machine with go and make, run
make -j xp
(or look at that file for some more specific target). You should end up with windows binaries in
You should be able to run it in docker. using the official go container
I stared at this a bit more, and concluded pipes should probably have random names. https://github.com/kolide/launcher/pull/599 if you’re curious