# kolide


02/25/2020, 4:20 PM
Hi, I'm trying to use package-builder to build a windows launcher package. I've installed wixtoolset, git, make and golang via choco on a windows 10 machine. 'make deps' completes successfully with a warning about possibly not having the latest version for tuf, but I'm assuming this isn't a show stopper:
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Reading makefiles...
Updating makefiles....
Updating goal targets....
 File 'deps' does not exist.
   File 'deps-go' does not exist.
  Must remake target 'deps-go'.
go run cmd/make/make.go -targets=deps-go,install-tools
  Successfully remade target file 'deps-go'.
   File 'generate' does not exist.
  Must remake target 'generate'.
go generate ./pkg/packagekit ./pkg/packaging
go run cmd/make/make.go -targets=generate-tuf
time="2020-02-25T10:59:58-05:00" level=warning msg="Error while downloading remote metadata, using cached timestamp - this might not be the latest version available remotely"
  Successfully remade target file 'generate'.
Must remake target 'deps'.
Successfully remade target file 'deps'.
Then attempting to run 'make package-builder' gives the following output:
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c:\Users\jfeat\go\src\<|>\kolide\launcher>make package-builder
go run cmd/make/make.go -targets=deps-go,install-tools
go generate ./pkg/packagekit ./pkg/packaging
go run cmd/make/make.go -targets=generate-tuf
go run cmd/make/make.go -targets=package-builder -linkstamp
ts=2020-02-25T16:17:05.0493957Z caller=logutil.go:13 severity=info msg="Target Failed" err="getVersion: git describe: run command git [describe --tags --always --dirty], stderr=: exec: \"git\": executable file not found in %PATH%" target=package-builder
exit status 1
make: *** [Makefile:105: package-builder] Error 1
Can anyone suggest what the problem might be?
Just to close the loop on this for anyone else that searches and finds the same issues. Here are the steps I followed to successfully build package-builder on windows: 1. install chocolatey, and use that to install wixtoolset, make, git and golang. 2. download the repo to the go path (default was c:\users\[username]\go). so the path to the root launcher directory was C:\Users\[username]\go\src\\kolide\launcher 3. copy the contents of the bin directory from where wix toolset was installed (mine was C:\Program Files (x86)\WiX Toolset v3.11\bin) into C:\wix311 4. add c:\Program Files\Git\cmd to the Path system environment variable. 5. then I was able to continue with make deps and then make package-builder to produce a package-builder.exe