Hi, any hint why fleetcli query show host offline?...
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Hi, any hint why fleetcli query show host offline? ‍‍‍‍
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fleetctl query --query 'select * from osquery_info;' --labels='All Hosts'                       
 0% responded (0% online) | 0/0 targeted hosts (0/0 online)
Are your hosts still checking in to the server? Do they show as online in the web UI?
This happened on our host once, when we were using a tunnel that engineered latency creating these 0 values that would immediately exit the script. Unsure if this is the problem you saw, but we fixed it by making a one-line change to fleetctl here: https://github.com/kolide/fleet/pull/2159 We’re currently taking the time to jump through some CLA hoops on our org’s end, but you could clone the fleetctl binary and se if the change helps you out 🙂
@zwass Yes. they are online in web UI and respond to query.
@andybot Thanks. that fixed my issue 👍👍