I don't think you can change that without editing ...
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I don't think you can change that without editing the source code of fleet. It's harcoded to be the hostname which we collect and store in the back-end database
👋 @terracatta is there any plan to allow other options such as specified host_identifier? As we use it but we only see the hostnames on the UI and we have duplicates ones as we use same overlapping subnets over different aws accounts.
Also in the case we run a query with duplicates, do you know how the output will behave on those cases? Take only one response from all the duplicates?
Hi Alejandro. Kolide, the company, has no future plans to improve the Kolide Fleet (our open source project). We are dedicating all of our resources to our SaaS app (which btw uses serial numbers and other methods to guarantee uniqueness and also has reasonable logic / customization around the display name of the device). That being said, we have some passionate independent folks who are contributing to Fleet and might be interested in changing this behavior for you. I would file an issue in the Github repo if you haven't already. @zwass is a good resource to reach out to as he is now effectively leading Fleet development and has our full endorsement.