Hi all. I've spun up fleet with `/usr/bin/fleet s...
# kolide
Hi all. I've spun up fleet with
/usr/bin/fleet serve   --mysql_address=   --mysql_database=kolide   --mysql_username=root   --mysql_password=XXX  --redis_address=   --server_cert=/root/server.cert   --server_key=/root/server.key --logging_json --auth_jwt_key='XXX'
on a centos 7 box. I was able to get through the initial setup and create an admin user. When I try and login with the that user, the server seems to authenticate me and starts to put up the UI, but then immediately goes back to the login page. The server is logging out a continual stream of
{"component":"http","err":"no auth token","ts":"2019-10-18T07:51:29.398720629Z"}
messages. The fleet version is 2.3.0. Any idea what might be going on?
Are you able to see anything from the network inspector in your browser dev tools?
Thanks for waking me up 🙂 . It looks like the Authorization header is missing when going through our nginx proxy. I get through login, but later pages are missing the token.
When I bypass the proxy via an ssh tunnel to localhost:8080, it all works as expected. I should have tried that first.
Nice, glad to hear it!