Hello, trying to get query results logging however...
# kolide
Hello, trying to get query results logging however not having any luck. The status.log is updating, but nothing seems be to be going to result.log.
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Description=Kolide Fleet

ExecStart=/usr/bin/fleet serve \
  --mysql_address= \
  --mysql_database=xxxxxx \
  --mysql_password=xxxxxxxxx \
  --redis_address= \
  --server_cert=/opt/fleet/certificates/server.cert \
  --server_key=/opt/fleet/certificates/server.key \
  --logging_json=true \
  --auth_jwt_key=xxxxxxxxxx \
  --filesystem_status_log_file=/var/log/osquery/status.log \

and ``` apiVersion: v1 kind: options spec: config: decorators: load: - SELECT uuid AS host_uuid FROM system_info; - SELECT hostname AS hostname FROM system_info; options: disable_distributed: false disable_events: false disable_logging: false distributed_interval: 10 distributed_plugin: tls distributed_tls_max_attempts: 3 distributed_tls_read_endpoint: /api/v1/osquery/distributed/read distributed_tls_write_endpoint: /api/v1/osquery/distributed/write logger_event_type: true logger_plugin: tls logger_tls_endpoint: /api/v1/osquery/log logger_tls_period: 10 pack_delimiter: / verbose: true overrides: {} ```are my configs so far, pretty out of the box at the moment.
did you make sure that the scheduled query is running and has more than 0 hosts assigned to it?