08/16/2019, 12:59 PM
I was updating to fleet 2.3.0 and when i run "fleet prepare db" i get: "Error creating db connection: Error 1045: Unknown error 1045"
1:00 PM
the error is different when mysql is down. In this case i get: Error creating db connection: dial tcp [::1]:3306: connect: connection refused
1:00 PM
I've access the DB manually and it seems to work fine
1:04 PM
fleet seems to work fine too, the webui is accessible and i can query my devices, it's just it fails when run fleet prepare db
1:26 PM
i've rolled back the binary to fleet 2.2.0 and i get the same error, so it may be not related to the new version. The strange is that it worked fine last time i run it (when I updated the binary to 2.2.0)
1:38 PM
ok, solved by specifying mysql_address, mysql_database, mysql_username and mysql_password parameters in the command line